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The F$3 million dollar view

The F$3 million dollar view

So I got to visit this beautiful place in my island country Fiji.  Its  called Rakiraki, about three hours drive from Suva, the capital. Its simply amazing. Met the lovely couple John Gray and his wife who started Wananavu (wahh-nah-nah-voo) Resort there. By the way Wananavu means AWESOME, something that takes your breath away literally. And that’s what this place is all about.

The couple are selling their home, after more than 12 years staying there. Their house is going for $3.5m. With its beautiful location, perched up on the hillside overlooking the Viti Levu Bay (pronounced Vee-Tee-lay-voo; Fiji’s biggest island) i couldn’t help but marvel at the majestic view and awesomeness of the place

John is a New Zealander. He’s been in Fiji for over 21 years. They developed the very secluded Rakiraki hillside in the early 90s. People thought he was mad for doing so, what with the lack of electricity and water in the place. The place was run mainly by generators for the most part of its early years. But it took a visionary like John to take on something like this. But anyway the land lots up there are  now on sale apart from the couple’s home. The place would be great for vacation homes or  villas.

So if you’re interested in buying beautiful land up there, go for it. Its a great bargain right now. 🙂 Here’s a few shots i took from my phone.


The three million dollar view

The three million dollar view


Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Having conversation with the couple

Having conversation with the couple

John Gray and his wife

John Gray and his wife

Echo my friend from China takes in the beautiful view

Echo my friend from China takes in the beautiful view

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

“What rock have you been living under?” my sister asks, giving me a strange look. She might have a point

You see, I had just discovered Sara Bareilles’s music well accidentally while i was surfing on You Tube. I had come across Glee’s cover song on  ‘Brave’ which was written and sung by Sara, an American musician, singer-songwriter and pianist.

She has an amazing voice. One thing i love about her songs is that it makes you happy. Some of the other songs are sad and makes you reflect on things.

Currently listening non stop to ‘Gonna get over you’ and ‘I choose you.’  I can’t believe i missed most of her songs. Okay “Love Song”, brought her into the number one spot on the Billboard Pop 100 chart. Didn’t know it was her. I don’t  usually bother learning the artists’ names and stuff unlike my sister, who can name just about any musician and the latest songs out there (I can’t believe people have time for that)

But anyway, Sara Bareilles? You’re my favorite artist.

Keep doing what you do best. 🙂


I just realised that  i haven’t been updating my blog. My last post was in January! Not much has happened. Fiji just lost in the Hong Sevens. 😦 Better luck next time boys.

Fiji’s PM Baininmarama just launched his new party name- Fiji First. Now he embarks on getting his 5000 signatures in order to qualify as an official political party. It’s surprising the amount of support he has among the young people. We received a paper for signatures and i passed it on to some guys working next door to us.

PM Frank Bainimarama in front of his campaign bus

PM Frank Bainimarama in front of his campaign bus

The papers were snapped up in a heartbeat as people rushed to sign their support. These are mostly supporters  in their early and late twenties. I haven’t decided yet on who to vote. I will keep it to myself until the day of elections which kicks off on September 17. I have to read through each party’s policies then make my decision.

Its going to be very interesting times ahead.Most of Fiji’s young population will be voting for the first time!



The band Common Kings is playing on the radio singing “alcoholic”, sitting at home, staring at my laptop. Work is monotonous. Deadlines, deadlines. When do you ever give me a break. Lunch is at 3pm (if I get around to it)

It’s a beautiful day out here in the beautiful island of Fiji. Fresh breeze flowing through the house. I’m in the zone 🙂

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Don’t go FRU on me

So apparently there’s a slang coined by a radio station for when you’re broke and don’t have any money. It goes like: – “I’m so FRU, can you loan me some money?” or “Please don’t go FRU on me…”

By the way FRU stands for Fiji Rugby Union – a body that looks after Fiji Rugby, and is constantly cash strapped with its operations. Once again they’ve messed up a $3m grant from IRB to help with the development of Fiji rugby. Way to go FRU….Now we see whether Ben Ryan stays on for the long run. Such a shame…

We’re just Passing through

For the past few days, i have thought of many things. Of People who have come into your life, leave a foot note and leave or some that stay on, becoming a part of you.

And yet sometimes despite having friends and family  around you, you have that distinct feeling of loneliness. That hollow feeling that doesn’t go away, it stays for sometime and then you meet someone who fills that hollow heart  with a spray of life, laughter and smiles before they leave , and you’re alone again.

I look back this year and I wonder where have these special people gone? One minute you’re with them, the next minute they’re gone.

Death. You have taken away most of my joys. You have become almost like an old friend.

I can distinctly remember as a 11-year-old, watching my uncle  cradle his baby son  who had passed away. The cold presence  of death surrounding us that night. The tears streaming down my uncle’s face.

But unbeknownst to my young mind, was the fact that that scene would pretty much be emulated throughout most of my life.

Over the years growing up, I have held, felt and even watched people who had become a great part of my life pass on. Their frail attempts to hold on to the last strings of life is disconcerting to see. It makes you feel helpless, because you can’t help them.

The year 2013 maybe ending, celebrations for Christmas and New Year is around the corner. But I look at life cynically.  I am learning not to take it too seriously.


Gold Coast 7s

Ben Ryan while visiting Children at the CWM Hospital in Suva.

Ben Ryan while visiting Children at the CWM Hospital in Suva.

So  Fiji lost out to England at the IRB Gold Coast Rugby 7s Quarterfinals. At least we won the Plate. But admit it, deep down inside every Fijian rugby fan is that feeling of ‘Why’…. But lets face it, Ben Ryan is here to stay, and lets rally him forward.

It’s the start of the 2013/14 IRB 7s tourneys and I’m looking forward to what he has to offer for Fiji rugby 7s. The Dubai 7s kicks off November 29-30, 2013. Hopefully Fiji does better next time.

Winner of the 2013 Gold Coast Sevens – NZ who beat surprising finalist Australia 40-19. Right now NZ leads the table with 22 points.

Being Mosquefied

Muslims all over the world began their fasting this month. Here in Fiji, I see my moslem friends and neighbors don long skirts and the traditional salwar kameez as they prepare for their annual fasting, to mark Ramadan.

I guess Fiji muslims have their own version of following their religion.

A muslim colleague told me an interesting feature about their religion.

Two weeks before they begin the month long fasting, the men head to the graves of their loved ones at 12 mid night to pray.

I was fascinated. In all my 25 years, growing up in a neighborhood (I’m a Fijian btw) where kids from other cultures interacted and and know something about each others culture, I realised that I didn’t  know anything about the muslim faith. I was brought up a Christian, had moslem and Indian childhood friends.

I admit, I kinda knew more about the Indian customs and religious gatherings than the Moslem faith. So chatting with my moslem colleague, Natasha Begum gave me a lot of insight.

Me on the left with my  two dopey workmates - Natasha (middle) and Adi

Me on the left with my two dopey workmates – Natasha (middle) and Adi

She strikes you as a very intelligent, funny a really out there kind of person. Rushing into our office one  Friday morning, during their first week of fasting Natasha was donned in a skimpy jeans and top, she declared that she didn’t fast. I asked her why, she replied: “I didn’t wake up.”

“Huh?” I asked. Apparently she forgot to set an alarm for 4am in the morning, the time when believers wake up to prepare for prayers and to eat their days meal before the fasting starts.

“I’ll do it next week,” Natasha tells me without batting an eye lid. “Back then when I used to be churchified, I mean Mosquefied, I followed it dilligently,” she says with a smile.

Being Mosquefied, that is one term I’ll never forget. 🙂