We’re just Passing through

For the past few days, i have thought of many things. Of People who have come into your life, leave a foot note and leave or some that stay on, becoming a part of you.

And yet sometimes despite having friends and family  around you, you have that distinct feeling of loneliness. That hollow feeling that doesn’t go away, it stays for sometime and then you meet someone who fills that hollow heart  with a spray of life, laughter and smiles before they leave , and you’re alone again.

I look back this year and I wonder where have these special people gone? One minute you’re with them, the next minute they’re gone.

Death. You have taken away most of my joys. You have become almost like an old friend.

I can distinctly remember as a 11-year-old, watching my uncle  cradle his baby son  who had passed away. The cold presence  of death surrounding us that night. The tears streaming down my uncle’s face.

But unbeknownst to my young mind, was the fact that that scene would pretty much be emulated throughout most of my life.

Over the years growing up, I have held, felt and even watched people who had become a great part of my life pass on. Their frail attempts to hold on to the last strings of life is disconcerting to see. It makes you feel helpless, because you can’t help them.

The year 2013 maybe ending, celebrations for Christmas and New Year is around the corner. But I look at life cynically.  I am learning not to take it too seriously.