Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

“What rock have you been living under?” my sister asks, giving me a strange look. She might have a point

You see, I had just discovered Sara Bareilles’s music well accidentally while i was surfing on You Tube. I had come across Glee’s cover song on  ‘Brave’ which was written and sung by Sara, an American musician, singer-songwriter and pianist.

She has an amazing voice. One thing i love about her songs is that it makes you happy. Some of the other songs are sad and makes you reflect on things.

Currently listening non stop to ‘Gonna get over you’ and ‘I choose you.’  I can’t believe i missed most of her songs. Okay “Love Song”, brought her into the number one spot on the Billboard Pop 100 chart. Didn’t know it was her. I don’t  usually bother learning the artists’ names and stuff unlike my sister, who can name just about any musician and the latest songs out there (I can’t believe people have time for that)

But anyway, Sara Bareilles? You’re my favorite artist.

Keep doing what you do best. 🙂


Tracy Chapman


I’m listening to Tracy Chapman on my laptop. ‘Fast Car’ is playing. I find her songs catchy, well defined and reaches across all borders.  It’s timeless.  Some of her songs date from the early eighties and nineties yet its so relevant in this time. it also brings awareness to the struggles of poverty, with lyrics such as:

I know things will get better / you’ll find work and I’ll get promoted / we’ll move out of the shelter / buy a bigger house and live in the suburbs –from her single ‘Fast Car.’

I can’t seem to understand the type of music that we’re being fed nowadays.   In Fiji, normal music is Lady Gaga, Whiz Khalifa, Avril Lavigne etc. Maybe its me but I can’t for the life of me imagine myself rocking my head senseless to noise from the likes of Gaga and the rapsters that pollute our radio airwaves.

No disrespect to their craft. I guess people have their own different tastes. But I just find Tracy Chapman’s music soothing. Some of her songs have that sad element to it and its meaningful. The lyrics makes sense, it tells a story.

A work colleague once played her song ‘Revolution’ during the time when revolution swept through some of the Middle Eastern countries namely Egypt.

Changes came after forty years of brutal rule and no say, the people of Egypt stood up for what they believed- Freedom.Tracy Chapman’s revolution song was so relevant, even though it was produced decades earlier.

In my opinion, she is the world’s most underrated singer.