Being Mosquefied

Muslims all over the world began their fasting this month. Here in Fiji, I see my moslem friends and neighbors don long skirts and the traditional salwar kameez as they prepare for their annual fasting, to mark Ramadan.

I guess Fiji muslims have their own version of following their religion.

A muslim colleague told me an interesting feature about their religion.

Two weeks before they begin the month long fasting, the men head to the graves of their loved ones at 12 mid night to pray.

I was fascinated. In all my 25 years, growing up in a neighborhood (I’m a Fijian btw) where kids from other cultures interacted and and know something about each others culture, I realised that I didn’t  know anything about the muslim faith. I was brought up a Christian, had moslem and Indian childhood friends.

I admit, I kinda knew more about the Indian customs and religious gatherings than the Moslem faith. So chatting with my moslem colleague, Natasha Begum gave me a lot of insight.

Me on the left with my  two dopey workmates - Natasha (middle) and Adi

Me on the left with my two dopey workmates – Natasha (middle) and Adi

She strikes you as a very intelligent, funny a really out there kind of person. Rushing into our office one  Friday morning, during their first week of fasting Natasha was donned in a skimpy jeans and top, she declared that she didn’t fast. I asked her why, she replied: “I didn’t wake up.”

“Huh?” I asked. Apparently she forgot to set an alarm for 4am in the morning, the time when believers wake up to prepare for prayers and to eat their days meal before the fasting starts.

“I’ll do it next week,” Natasha tells me without batting an eye lid. “Back then when I used to be churchified, I mean Mosquefied, I followed it dilligently,” she says with a smile.

Being Mosquefied, that is one term I’ll never forget. 🙂